Why do so many people use our assessment tools?

Prashnig Style Solutions offers a range of online software in 10 different languages ​​. This makes it possible to answer LSA questionnaires to identify personal learning styles, to recognize one's own potential and discover every person’s uniqueness in learning and working situations. It helps recognizing human diversity when solving problems, in family situations, in classrooms, at the work place as well as in relationships. Understanding diversity is also valuable in coping with everyday life.

What distinguishes our LSA instruments from other tests on the Internet?

 You will find many so-called learning style ‘tests’ on the Internet. Some of them are short, some are free. Most are limited to a few features, often presented in four quadrants. Such simplistic representations can never do justice to the complex human diversity and describe rather superficial generalizations. The actual value for the individual is therefore limited to broad categorizations (e.g. V-visual , A-auditory, K-kinesthetic).

  • Just ask yourself these questions before investing your valuable time in such tests:
  • Are they well researched and reliable?
  • Are the results individually tailored to the individual person/the individual child?
  • Do they give you a comprehensive Report, Summaries and Graphs?
  • Are they able to analyse the 49 elements of your unique learning style?
  • Can they give assistance in career planning?
  • Do they help to identify gifted learners and students with learning difficulties?
  • Is there information on how safe your child is when using the Internet?
  • Will they help parents to support their children doing their homework?
  • Are there guidelines for teachers on how they can personalize their lessons for diverse student groups?
  • Do these tests supply free, unlimited Group Profiles, giving class teachers insight into the biological learning needs of their students?
  • Is it possible to answer questionnaires online in one language and download the LSA Profiles (which are the personal results) in another chosen language?

All these questions we can answer with a proud “YES!”

Our LSA tools are neither intelligence nor psychometric personality tests, but analysis tools that identify individual biological and conditioned style needs of a human being according to neuroscientific findings. The scope of our personal LSA software is wider than conventional tests and the results are much more sophisticated – and what’s more: personalized. Only our LSA software is capable of detecting individual bio-natural and conditioned/acquired style elements as well as learning tendencies, analyzed and evaluated through structured self-assessment questionnaires.

Best Practice (that is, the best methods) confirm the following facts about people: learning styles are unique to each individual and can be influenced by a number of biophysical factors. These appear in our LSA instruments in detail under the following groupings:

  • Brain Dominance
  • Sensory Modalities
  • Physical Needs
  • Learning Environment
  • Social Aspects
  • Attitudes

Our software – 20 years on the market, internationally distributed, all ‘teething problems’ of the analysis eliminated – had been used thousands of times by enthusiastic, satisfied customers.

Choose the right instrument, select quality and take advantage of the many benefits!