The Power of Gratitude


If you want to be more positive, feel better and happier – practice gratitude! Read about the benefits of being grateful, learn what happens when you give thanks for just 5 minutes per day and find 5 ways to practice gratitude.

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Let There Be Light!


Which light is the best for learning – natural or artificial light? Could the ‘wrong’ light level be a ‘learning killer’ or make children hyperactive? And why should old fluorescent light tubes be removed from offices and learning environments?

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Colour me Beautiful


Never underestimate the effect colours have on human beings – their emotions, their wellbeing, their ability to concentrate. Especially young children and teenagers can be suffering from the ‘wrong’ colours in their learning environment. Read about the basics of the science of colours and practical tips for choosing colours.

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Learning Styles are Life Styles


Find out how style features influence your behaviour in every situation and how knowing yourself, understanding the difference between analytic and holistic styles is an advantage, particularly in mastering adverse, stressful situations. Not only in learning or at work but equally important in everyday life.

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Gifted or Overachieving?


Gifted students and high achievers have very different Learning Styles and parents can give better support when they know how their children learn best. Learn these five Action Steps to help a top student cope with failure – they might come handy.

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